14 Kick-Butt Young Athletes Will Make You Feel Better About The World #GameFace

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By Sarah Karlan BuzzFeed News Reporter –

The project involved photographing 14 young athletes (ages 5-14) in their “most authentic moment — right before they step out onto the pitch.”

Posted on Jun. 2, 2015 – “We are beyond excited about the Women’s World Cup. It’s one of the most amazing moments in sports and women get to take center stage. For us, the World Cup is all about potential and inspiration,” McIlroy told BuzzFeed News. “We wanted to look forward to the next generation of female footballers and, as you can see, the future of the sport is in good hands,” she added. The project aims to show these young female athletes as their authentic selves. “For some reason, the world loves to show young women in pink and wearing princess dresses, but the truth is: these girls are badasses,” said McIlroy.

Who are the young women in the photos? Actual soccer players from the Portland, Oregon, area. “Honestly, we did zero casting. We just reached out to some local coaches in Portland and explained the concept. Most of these young women came straight from training or just before training—zero styling, zero casting—just a group of young athletes who love their sport,” explained McIlroy. “They are inspiring, no matter what age you are. They work hard, they are committed to their sport, they are passionate, and they want to be the best. We think that’s pretty damn inspiring.” (CLICK HERE To read the entire article)


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